Welcome to Oakwood Cleaners, a family owned business.

Oakwood “the Greener” Cleaners is Nashville’s destination for fine garment and linen care. Alan and Rhonda Wernick became the proud owners of Oakwood Cleaners in April of 2011. Alan’s expertise in business finance and software development and Rhonda’s creative art profession is the perfect “marriage” to take this already respected and established business to the next level.

Oakwood Cleaners
Oakwood Cleaners

Our mission is to empower our customers to experience a welcoming environment and exceed their expectations. We offer an unparalleled level of trained production staff and customer service specialists. Our wedding gown department excels with expertly trained staff to alter your gown, then clean and preserve your special memories after that special day.

Alan and Rhonda have initiated several customer incentive programs, developed a training program that will prove to enhance your dry cleaning and laundry experience as well as continuing to update our facility with state of the art equipment, advanced communication including texting when your items are ready and on-line access to your profile that you yourself can update. If you already use Oakwood Cleaners or have always wanted to, drop by and experience the earth-friendly & people friendly option for your garment and household care.

GreenEarth® Cleaning

What is GreenEarth® Cleaning?

GreenEarth® Cleaning is the most environmentally-friendly dry cleaning process available today, and it is available in Nashville and the surrounding area at Oakwood “the Greener” Cleaners. GreenEarth® Cleaning - Good for your clothes, Good for people and Good for the Earth.

Oakwood Cleaners

Is GreenEarth® organic?

No. And that is a good thing. There is nothing green about organic dry cleaning. “Organic”, as it relates to chemistry, refers to anything with a carbon backbone. Gasoline and asphalt are organic. Dry cleaners who market themselves this way are misleading the consumer

GreenEarth® Cleaning replaces petroleum-based solvents that are commonly used by most dry cleaners today with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth’s safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand.

How are we greener

What Makes Us The “Greener” Cleaners?

At Oakwood Cleaners, we use two different environmentally-friendly textile cleaning processes,100% professional wet cleaning and GreenEarthdry cleaning, because they take better care of fabrics, the people who wear them, and the planet where we live. And our fabricare service is second to none. Maintaining the look and feel of your clothing investment is our primary concern. We combine environmentally friendly cleaning and professional training to provide the premium care your clothes deserve.

Find out more about GreenEarth® here.

We don’t just clean green here at Oakwood. We also recycle hangers, utilize filtration technologies that reduce our energy usage by 70% as well as LED lighting, paperless invoicing, reusable garment bags, and biodegradable poly. And we offer FREE pick-up and delivery, saving hundreds of customer trips back and forth every week, reducing gas and CO2 emissions significantly.

Oakwood Cleaners

Frequently Asked Questions.

The answer is no, and dry cleaning isn’t dry at all. It is called “drycleaning” because solvents are used in place of water. Water is considered “wet”. However, it is even more confusing when you consider that most dry cleaners consider wet cleaning a form of dry cleaning. Wet cleaning uses water as a solvent and very special equipment that controls the detergents and motion. Many ‘dry-clean only’ items can be cleaned in this manner. If you were to look through the front window of one of today’s drycleaning machines, it looks like a large front loading washing machine, and the clothes appear to get very wet.

They get “wet” by the drycleaning solvent. Drycleaning solvents remove oily stains without shrinking most fabrics. All drycleaning machines (because of EPA regulations) are now cleaned and dried in the same machine. It is not possible to open a machine mid-cycle (such as to drip dry). There is always heat and motion during the cleaning process.




We support our military and police department with discounts on uniform cleaning as well as donating to area religious organizations and schools throughout the year. Below are a few organizations that are close to our heart.

  • Mount Juliet Animal Shelter

  • AGAPE Animal Rescue

  • Brides Against Breast Cancer

  • Cuddles for Critters

  • Tennessee Environmental Council

Cuddles for Critters

Oakwood the Greener Cleaners proudly introduces Cuddles for Critters™. Our program allows all of us to help those displaced or neglected pets being cared for in area shelters and rescues. We are presently partnered with several pet rescues and shelter, including, UPAW, the United Partnership for Animal Welfare, the Mount Juliet Animal Shelter, and AGAPE. To participate, bring your used or unwanted blankets to any area Oakwood Cleaners location, where they will be cleaned, sized, and repaired in order to provide security and comfort to these unfortunate animals.

Oakwood provides shelter blankets on a regular so they may distribute them in the Middle Tennessee area. Thank you for helping us make a difference in the life of these unfortunate animals.

Oakwood Cleaners

If you have any questions or know of a shelter in need of help,
please feel free to call us at (615) 885-1281
or email Rachel customercare@oakwoodcleaners.com