Wedding Season is Approaching…

During the summer is the busiest wedding season of the whole year. With that in mind we would like to talk to everyone about our pricing for cleaning and the preservation process of wedding dresses. It is not an easy process there are many factors that we take into account when we price a wedding dress. Which is why we can’t give a price quote over the phone or internet.  We have to see it in person, because every dress is different and we just can’t judge the details any other way.

 I asked our Production manager, what the first things she looks at when pricing a dress and she told me.

Top 5 factors in pricing a wedding dress
1. Label
2. Beads
3. Fancy trim
4. Spots
5. Length of the train

For example the dress I attached pictures of, is a very beautiful dress. But with the heavy beads and the fancy trim on the dress it makes the process of cleaning a lot harder. And also if you look at the bottom of the dress you will see that it is very dirty. All of this is what allows us to give you a price.

Closer look at the details

The train of the dress, with heavy spots

This is a photo of a dress with heavy beads, but before we can clean it we have to attach a piece of cloth over to top to protect the beads during the cleaning process

So if your getting married this summer and need someone to clean and preserve your dress, please keep Oakwood the Greener Cleaner in mind.

“We can’t be everything to everyone, we just want to be the best we can for you.”

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