Wedding Gown Care Tips

  1. Make sure you do your research. Is the company you take it to reputable? Don’t be afraid to ask questions before leaving your gown.
  2.  A specialist trained to handle wedding gowns should go over the gown with you to look for stains, tears, loose beads, missing buttons etc. The specialist should make notations about what is found in front of you so you know the condition of your dress when you leave it.
  3. Will the cleaners take responsibility for your dress once it is in their care?
  4. How is the gown going to be preserved? Do they do it in-house or send it off. You want to use someone that has control of your dress at all times and does not send it to an out of state location to have it preserved. What about the preservation box, is it acid free and archival? This will help in preventing discoloration of your gown.
  5. Always make sure to look at your preserved gown when you pick it up. Mistakes sometimes happen and you want to make sure you get home with “YOUR” gown!
  6. Avoid storing your gown in the basement or attic where there are extreme changes in the temperature and humidity.

Wedding gown care tips