Your image is important to us, which is why we offer the Perfect Shirt.The Perfect Shirt

A Perfect Shirt requires something different. We guarantee a wrinkle-free service with no broken buttons and no stains. You can always be assured of a flawless presentation.

– but there is more…

Our Perfect Shirts are laundered in low temperatures using exclusive enzyme based detergents and optical brighteners to get the brightest collars and cuffs without any shrinkage.

We use natural starch as opposed to the most commonly used synthetic products to prevent build up and allowing for the starch to be washed away each time.

Our finished shirts are closely inspected for broken buttons, which are replaced with matching thread. If we cannot get a matching button we then replace all the buttons at no extra charge so you always look great in your shirt.

Each collar is supported with plastic butterflies to prevent drooping.

On all long sleeve shirts the cuffs are clipped together in front of the shirt to reduce wrinkling of your sleeves.

All French cuffs are folded down and clipped so you can put your cuff links on with ease.

Folded shirts look like the day you bought them.

We use the same boards and supports and just leave out the nuisance pins.

That’s Oakwood’s attention to detail, that’s why customers come back again and again. When you choose Oakwood you too will experience the Perfect Shirt – guaranteed!

The Guarantee…

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your shirt including wrinkle free pressing and no broken or missing buttons bring it back and we will re-do the shirt at no extra cost to your satisfaction.