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Life at Oakwood Cleaners – Post 1

Have you been to Oakwood Cleaners lately?

Rachel Lunsford our Customer Service Manager has been with the Oakwood Cleaners family for one year.

Rachel 1 sm

She is a bundle of energy that makes you smile the minute you hear her friendly voice. Questions, issues, compliments – give Rachel a call.

If you happen to notice a bright blue Honda driving I-65, I- 440 or I-40 it is probably Rachel going back and forth between our 3 locations in Nashville, Cool Springs and our plant in Hermitage. She also has been known to make deliverys and pick up items!

Rachel 2 sm

Our employees know that if Rachel is to stay happy, she needs her coffee. Starbucks, Grande Americana with 2 shots of Peppermint.

Customer service is a #1 priority at Oakwood Cleaners and Rachel is here for you.