Cuddles for Critters


When my husband Alan and I took ownership of Oakwood Cleaners 6 years ago, I immediately wanted to show support for un-placed animals. I implemented a program called “Cuddles for Critters” which re-purposes used blankets and such for animals at rescue shelters. It seemed like a perfect partnership to help AGAPE with their endeavors to help lost dogs in need of forever homes. When given the opportunity to sponsor a dog in need we were thrilled to accept the challenge. Please help us help “Blaze” get the medical attention he needs so he can be placed in a forever home. We will be donating a portion of June income from your dry cleaning and laundry to AGAPE so that the vet bills for blaze can be taken care of.

BONUS! Blaze will be autographing his picture with paw prints so bring your dry cleaning, bring the family, meet Blaze and get a personalized autographed picture!


Having an artist as an owner does have its advantages. The employees at the Hermitage, TN plant were greeted Monday morning with blooming walls!

Our earth friendly dry cleaning is like a breath of fresh air and I wanted our employees to have some walls that conveyed that feeling.

sunflower wallsunflower wall 3asunflower wall 2a

Enjoy the springtime and all the blooms it has to offer.


The weather is getting cooler and that means sweater season! YES, get out those warm, cuddly, sweaters.

A group of Sweaters
I need freshening!

Oh my, you forgot to clean them so they would be ready? If you are like me handwashing is not what you want to be doing with your spare time. Not only that, where in the world do you have space to let them dry–FLAT! Oakwood Cleaners can help you out. Bring us your favorite sweaters and in no time have them back as good as new. Our GreenEarth process is gentle, non toxic and actually good for your clothing as it adds moisture instead of drying out. Please make sure the label is still present with fabric content and cleaning instructions so we make sure to handle them properly.

Packaged Sweaters
Ready to be worn

Packaging of your clean sweaters can be hanging or in a sweater bag, which ever you choose.

Remember, we are NOW OPEN in Cool Springs for your convienence and as always offer FREE Pick-up and Delivery right to your home or work place.

Our new Cool Springs address is: 2000 Mallory Lane, Suite 170

Franklin, TN 37067    615.764.0222

Avoid These Household Pet Poisons

I received a newsletter from McAlister & Young – It included these wonderful tips for your loving pets.

A home can be a dangerous place for your pets. Because they’re so curious, they will often test any substance that smells good or just looks interestiong. Many substances can cause illness or even death! Here are seven common household pet poisons to avoid:

  • Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol and other medications, can damage your dog’s liver. It also can be fatal to a cat.
  • Chocolate can cause a dog or cat to experience seizures. The darker chocolate, like baker’s chocolate, is more dangerous because it has higher levels of methylzanthine. Symptoms of choclate poisoning can be vomiting, dearrhea, or irregular heart rhythms.
  • Unbaked yeast dough can be lethal. It can expand in the stomach of your pet. When the pet rolls around, the dough can twist the stomach and cut off blood supply. Alcohol prduced by the yeast also can lead to repiratory failure or seizures.
  • Prescription medicines left on the counter or dropped on the floor are easy for your pet to find and ingest. Cardia crugs, antidepressants, and ADHD medications ar partcularly dangerous to pets.
  • Xylitol is found in chewing gum, toothpaste and breath mints as a sugar-free sweetener. When dogs ingest the substance, it can drop blood sugar levels or lead to liver failure.
  • Coins that contain zinc can case anemia or even failure of the liver, kedney or heart. One zinc penny (1983 or newer) can kill a small dog.
  • Ethylene glycol used in antifreeze and other car products can be fatal The sweet taste attracts both