When my husband Alan and I took ownership of Oakwood Cleaners 6 years ago, I immediately wanted to show support for un-placed animals. I implemented a program called “Cuddles for Critters” which re-purposes used blankets and such for animals at rescue shelters. It seemed like a perfect partnership to help AGAPE with their endeavors to help lost dogs in need of forever homes. When given the opportunity to sponsor a dog in need we were thrilled to accept the challenge. Please help us help “Blaze” get the medical attention he needs so he can be placed in a forever home. We will be donating a portion of June income from your dry cleaning and laundry to AGAPE so that the vet bills for blaze can be taken care of.

BONUS! Blaze will be autographing his picture with paw prints so bring your dry cleaning, bring the family, meet Blaze and get a personalized autographed picture!


Are you ready for Fall?

Fall and cooler temps are arriving sooner than you think. Here is some advice on getting your closest ready for the new season.

Take some quality time with your clothes and accessories. Open your closest, be honest with yourself and before you go shopping follow the steps below to make room for your fall wardrobe purchases.

What do I do?
What do I do?

Preparing your closest for the new season

Label six bags as follow: Toss, Donate, Consign, Store, Repair and Clean

These bags are ready!
These bags are ready!

Toss anything with holes that cannot be repaired or have permanent stains.
If it doesn’t fit or flatter and you have stopped wearing them, donate. Please do not donate items that should be tossed.
Garments that are still great but you haven’t worn in over a year can go to a consignment shop.

You can use your earnings to fill in with new pieces!

Now start trying on what is left. Be honest, if it makes you look and feel great, keep it, if not, donate or consign.

It is always fun to invite a friend to help with this.
Place items that you just cannot part with, because of sentimental reasons, in boxes designed for long-term storage and always keep at room temperature, not the attic or garage.

Store your sentimental items.
Store your sentimental items.

Put like pieces together, separate items that need cleaning, have missing buttons or loose hems.
Cleaning and repairing your garments will help them look fresh for fall.
The experts at Oakwood Cleaners can repair and clean your items to achieve a “look like new” outcome.

Go Shopping! 
Make a list of the items you need to fill in the missing pieces in your closet. Have fun, hit your favorite stores or try out a new one.

Life at Oakwood – Post 6


Oakwood Cleaners has you covered!

Pants and Shorts

Doris Pressing Pants

Doris, our pant specialist checks to make sure cuffs are pressed correctly and creases are put in the right place.

No creases you say, well, she makes sure those pants and shorts that don’t get creased are done correctly too!

Dresses, Blazers, Suit Coats, Children’s items and more…



Eva our supervisor and presser extraordinaire handles dresses and gowns among other hard to press items.

She know just where to press the lapel on a sports coat so that is rolls perfectly.  It is amazing to watch her as she moves through the garments at hand.

Cottons and Linens

Edgar pressing


Cottons and linens require extra care and Edgar is the man for that job.

These garments are not your everyday items that can be pressed on an automatic pressing apparatus.

He takes the time necessary to make sure the clothing you treasure comes back to your satisfaction and beyond.


Attention to detail is important to us at Oakwood and we love it.

Our Production Manager

Aubrey does it all!
If you were to come to the Oakwood Cleaners plant in Hermitage, on any given day, you would find Aubrey doing a plethora of tasks.

Aubrey at desk

If he is at the computer you can bet he is researching the most up-to-date equipment or the best way to tackle a stubborn stain to make sure we get your items back to you as good as new if not better.

Aubrey SpotterAubrey spotting

We call him the “Spot Master”! Aubrey works directly with the production team before and after cleaning to address delicate issues. He is always testing our spotting agents to figure out the best solution for the most difficult of jobs.

Aubrey at boiler

Plant operations is of the up-most importance to the safety and consistency of production. Aubrey is on top of our machinery, computer systems and production flow to ensure a quality work environment for the production team.









As a member of LCI (Leading Cleaners Internationale), Oakwood Cleaners was chosen to host the semi-annual couture dry cleaning conference April 2nd – 4th at the historic Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville, TN. Representatives from many of the member cleaners embarked on Nashville ready to discuss the nuances of couture dry cleaning.

We had representatives all the way from Canada, New York, Nebraska, New Orleans and California!


A trip to Oakwood’s plant in Hermitage, Tennessee led to a great discussion and shared ideas by all during the next 2 days of activities.

One of the highlights of the conference was our guest speaker Nashville resident and businessman Tom Negri.
His discussion of team work and immigration were inspiring and educational; 2 topics that were of great interest to all of us.

A great time was had by all, including evenings on Broadway visiting music venues, great food and ending at the Grand Ole Opry with some that stayed over.
For more information on Oakwood Cleaners and Leading Cleaners Internationale please visit: and

Attack of the Clothes Moth!

Clothes moths do not attack your favorite garments just because they want to.

Some facts about the “clothes moth”.
Some facts about the “clothes moth”. Scientific name: Tineola bisselliella

They are attracted to left over particles of protein-laced food residue that get imbedded in the fibers. Most damage can be found around “spill” or “splash” zones including the chest and stomach areas, lap, sleeves and cuffs. Perspiration residue under the arms attract moths as well. When our little winged pests find those areas they not only eat at the goodies, they make a comfy little nest to lay eggs. It is hard to see this without a microscope. The moth larvae imbed in the chewed up area and actually cover the holes, thus masking the damage. The area may look a bit rough but most people have no reason to assume anything is wrong. Washing or cleaning the sweater rinses away the larvae along with the damaged fibers thus exposing the moth holes.

Webbing-Clothes-Mothhole in coat

So…you bring your favorite sweater in for cleaning and it comes back with holes. This is most likely due to moth damage that you didn’t even know existed. Let’s say you bring something in that has existing holes – guess what – there are probably more that are not visible yet.

What can be done about the damage? Sometimes darning will work, but for more extensive damage re-weaving could be the answer. It is common for your dry cleaner to suggest cleaning the garment first before ever suggesting repairs to make sure no more holes appear. Beware that re-weaving could end up costing more than a new garment!


The best way to prevent moth damage is by washing or dry cleaning your favorite woolens or garments made of natural fibers. Do not store these items over the summer thinking you will clean them right before you want to wear them. Always store seasonable garments clean. A cedar closet is great for keeping moths away. If you do not have one, there are cedar chips available that you can put in your drawers and closets that will help to deter them. Be cautious of mothballs as they can be harmful to pets and children.