My Wedding Dress Saga continued…

It IS a pretty box for a wedding gown

So, here is the Gold Wedding Chest that my dress was in. It was very pretty and impressive when your told this is where your wedding dress is going. I guess 33 years ago they never thought about the effects of the plastic the box was sealed in, or the shiny gold laminate on the cardboard, which as you will see in the next picture was also inside the box. As I said, it is very pretty way to store your beautiful wedding gown. The next picture will show how it looked inside the box. Again, a very pretty presentation.

A very pretty presentation

I don’t know if you can tell, but the lace on the cuffs has turned pink. There was also some on the bodice, but you cannot see in this picture. At Oakwood we use very simple archival acid free boxes with no windows or plastic anywhere to be found. We line the box with acid free tissue and unbleached muslim to wrap the dress in. We fold the dress nicely and stuff where needed with acid free tissue and then wrap it with the muslim and tissue. I will illustrate this better when I preserve my restored dress. I have addes some pictures below to show how the lace had turned pink in places. We are in the process of restoring the lace back to it’s natural color.

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