Life at Oakwood Cleaners – Post 1

Have you been to Oakwood Cleaners lately?

Rachel Lunsford our Customer Service Manager has been with the Oakwood Cleaners family for one year.

She is a bundle of energy that makes you smile the minute you hear her friendly voice. Questions, issues, compliments – give Rachel a call.

If you happen to notice a bright blue Honda driving I-65, I- 440 or I-40 it is probably Rachel going back and forth between our 3 locations in Nashville, Cool Springs and our plant in Hermitage. She also has been known to make deliverys and pick up items!

Our employees know that if Rachel is to stay happy, she needs her coffee. Starbucks, Grande Americana with 2 shots of Peppermint.

Customer service is a #1 priority at Oakwood Cleaners and Rachel is here for you.


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