Dry cleaning is a term applied to washing fabrics in a liquid other than water.
Using water as the washing agent, like what most of us do in our homes, is termed wet cleaning. Legend has it that dry cleaning was discovered accidentally in France during the late 1800’s when someone spilled turpentine on a tablecloth with set-in stains and every stain the turpentine touched came clean. Thus, the idea of “dry cleaning” fabric in a liquid other than water was born.

Oakwood Cleaners offers the best in dry cleaning services. It is like giving your clothes a “Spa Day” and they will Love you for it!  We use Green Earth® Cleaning – Fresh, Clean, No Airing Required

spa day

Antique Lace
Bridal Gowns
Special Occasion Dresses

… and more!

Bring them to Oakwood, and you’ll bring home nothing but freshness.

Oakwood is the only certified exclusive Green Earth®  Dry Cleaner in Nashville and the surrounding area. Green Earth® cleaning means all our cleaning processes are environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, and above all, have NO just-dry-cleaned smell, leaving your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and better. And It degrades to Silica, the same element found in ordinary beach sand, CO2 and H2O, and produces no toxic by-products.

With Green Earth® cleaning, you can hang your drapes without airing them out first. You can take your favorite jacket or blouse straight from the hanger to work.

Freshness isn’t the only guarantee. Green Earth® cleaning brings out the vibrancy in colors, while leaving fabrics feeling softer.

There isn’t a fabric in your closet too delicate for Green Earth® cleaning.

Green Earth® cleaning is safe for fine silks, linen, cotton, wool, cashmere, lace, even fabrics labeled “Do Not Dryclean.”

So bring in your designer pillows and other household finery. They never had it so good. Neither has the environment.

Green Earth® cleaning is the most environmentally friendly cleaning solution available.

That’s another reason Oakwood is proud to offer it. Because we care about the customers we serve. And the planet we share.

See, touch, smell the difference – at Oakwood Cleaners.

Oakwood Cleaners is also Nashville’s only certified Couture Cleaner as members of Leading Cleaners Internationale. We are also platinum member of the National Cleaners Council. Rest assured that our highly trained technicians are ready to tackle the most difficult tasks with ease. Trust your cleaning to Oakwood Cleaners, we guarantee you will be glad you did.