Dry Clean Your Bed Linens?

French Laundry for your bed linens.

There is nothing like the feeling of clean, crisp, ironed bed linens!

Now – you can try to press your own sheets, but that could take you some time. And, by the time you get to the other side the side you started on is wrinkled again. I suggest you find a dry cleaner that offers “French Laundry”. Make sure you find a dry cleaner in your area that uses a non-toxic cleaning process. You definately do not want to have harsh chemicals close to your body while your getting that good nights sleep! Most services will take care of:  stain removal, cleaning, and pressing, minor mending, inspection and packaging.

Your linens should be bundled in a complete set or when requested hung on oversized hangers. You can even have your comforters or coverlets cleaned!

Oakwood is the only dry-cleaner in Nashville to use a revolutionary new
cleaning process – Green Earth® cleaning.

Green Earth® cleaning means all our cleaning processes are environmentally
friendly, non-allergenic, and above all, have NO just-dry-cleaned smell, leaving
your fine garments and furnishings looking brighter and feeling softer.

Green Earth® cleaning uses a silicone based dry cleaning solvent. It shares the same base – silicone – as hair care, makeup and deodorant products. It has no odor or smell, yet has superior cleaning and soil removal properties.

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