Freshly cleaned wedding gowns at Oakwood CleanersOakwood Cleaners, The Greener Cleaner, in Nashville Tennessee, offers cleaning and pressing of wedding gowns and dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening or virtually any gown you may own.

Your gown is a unique treasure that, if improperly handled, cannot be easily replaced. It is important to have your gown cleaned soon after your wedding. We inspect your gown for stains, loose embellishments and tears then test for clean-ability. It is then pre-spotted, cleaned and air dried. We re-inspect and post-spot if necessary. Extreme care is taken while hand finishing. Every gown receives the benefits of our expertise, the Green Earth cleaning process, hand cleaning and detail finishing as needed to maintain the designer’s intention for drape and style. We handle beaded and couture gowns with confidence.

Even gowns with do not dry clean labels and spot clean only labels can be handled with ease with our unique Green Earth cleaning process. (There are some exceptions)

Standard dry cleaning procedures and conventional pressing are inadequate and completely inappropriate for any fine gown. An evening gown needs the attention of a technician capable of understanding the designer’s intention to drape and presentation.

Thinking about selling your gown?

Since 2004, has been helping brides sell their new and used wedding dresses. To improve a wedding gown’s resale value, we recommend having it cleaned by an Association of Wedding Gown Specialist member like Oakwood Cleaners.”

Josie Daga, Founder