When my husband Alan and I took ownership of Oakwood Cleaners 6 years ago, I immediately wanted to show support for un-placed animals. I implemented a program called “Cuddles for Critters” which re-purposes used blankets and such for animals at rescue shelters. It seemed like a perfect partnership to help AGAPE with their endeavors to help lost dogs in need of forever homes. When given the opportunity to sponsor a dog in need we were thrilled to accept the challenge. Please help us help “Blaze” get the medical attention he needs so he can be placed in a forever home. We will be donating a portion of June income from your dry cleaning and laundry to AGAPE so that the vet bills for blaze can be taken care of.

BONUS! Blaze will be autographing his picture with paw prints so bring your dry cleaning, bring the family, meet Blaze and get a personalized autographed picture!




Oakwood customers are the best! We love getting to know you, hear about your family, pets and important moments in your life. YOU give Oakwood Cleaners life and we would like to show you appreciation by featuring you on our blog.

Meet Becky! Here she is with our owner Rhonda. She has been an Oakwood customer since 2008! She always comes in with a huge smile on her face and we think of her as part of the family.


The next time you stop by one of our 3 locations or come to the door to recieve your items, have our customer service representative take a picture so we can say thank you for making “Life at Oakwood” the best.


Great times at employee luncheon.

Bar-b-que, sweet tea, fixins and fun. The Oakwood production team and customer service staff at the plant in Hermitage were treated to lunch outside under the tent!

But wait….before lunch started everyone enjoyed a massage with Connie.


 Sore shoulders, feet and hands were pampered by Connie as a thank you for all the hard work and dedication from the team!

Lunch 1smLunch 2sm

It was a warm, sunny day, but fresh air, good food and comradery between, management, owners and staff was a day everyone enjoyed.


Life at Oakwood – Post 4



Is a Lost Art

We have found it at Oakwood Cleaners!

Megan 1draw smMegan 2 sm

Megan came to us as a graduate of O’more College of Design. Her portfolio is titillating with imaginative creations. She comes with the experience needed to perform the simplest to the most involved repairs and alterations. You must come see her, but make sure to call an schedule an appointment as she is high in demand.

Edgar 1 sm Edgar 2 sm


Edgardo has a unique attention to detail. He wears 2 hats at Oakwood Cleaners. Pressing linens and cottons is his primary team function. Since “Edgar” as we call him is at the Hermitage plant, he is called upon quite often for repairs that come in.

His attention to detail has become quite beneficial for hand or machine work on wedding gowns and other intricate items.

So… alterations are happening at Oakwood Cleaners. Our tailors are high in demand, appointments are a must for fittings and you must be prepared for a 2 to 3 week turn-around time for everyday wear. If you are interested in having your wedding gown or formal gown altered the turn-a-round time could be 3 to 4 months. Just give us a call at 615.620.6095 to schedule your appointment.


Have you ever wondered what you just dropped off at your favorite dry cleaners? Maybe you went on vacation and brought everything in upon returning. Maybe you missed your weekly visit and things just piled up. If you are like me, you just drop your things off, or just put the pile in your route bag and forget about them until you get them back. Did you get everything you thought you should? Do you remember what you sent in?

Some people (organized ones mind you), might make a list. I had a customer come in the store the other day who had a wonderful solution!!



Almost everyone has a smart phone these days, or at least a phone with a camera. This customer has started taking a picture of her clothes when she drops them off. I thought this was a great idea! This not only helps you remember what you dropped off, but will also help the dry cleaner locate a piece of clothing in the off chance it is not there on your pick-up or delivery day. Another helpful note – make sure the customer service representative either scans your clothes into the computer in front of you or matches up your ticket numbers to the receipts on the clothes. So many times customers have the same last name, sometimes the same first and last name. You want to make sure you are getting back YOUR garments.


Time to put those wool coats away!

For most of us the chill of winter has gone away! Your wool coats are in need of cleaning and storing and caring for you woolens is a bit different than other materials. We need some cleaning!Wool coats are a wonderful addition to your winter wardrobe. Not only are they great for keeping you warm, but they can also be a fashion statement. Take a look at some of these examples that I ran across.

Below are some tips on how to care for your wool coats to make sure they last for years.

1. It is good to brush the coat with a soft suede brush or lint brush to clean the coat after wearing it and before hanging in the closet. This will help remove surface soil and lint.

2. Make sure to hang your coats on a hanger suited for heavy wools such as a wide plastic or wooden hanger. Wool coats are heavy and a wire hanger cannot support the weight and could stretch the shoulders out of shape. Be careful to leave air between your coats and don’t hang next to dirty items as they tend to absorb the dirt and odor.

3. If you spill something on your wool, or any fabric for that matter, just blot with a clean cloth. Please do not rub the spill, I know it is tempting, but try to resist. Rubbing the spill will only push it deeper into the fabric and will cause the liquid to spread more. Consult your favorite dry-cleaner to take care of the rest.

4. I suggest always cleaning your coat at the end of the season. Please make sure to remove the plastic when you get it home and place it in a breathable garment bag for protection from dust. You may choose to clean it again before wearing, but that is really not necessary if it is stored properly. Of course if something spills on it or it just gets dirty, clean it!

5. If you find that wrinkles have set in over the summer you might just try letting it hang without the garment bag. If you still feel you need to iron it, place it on a flat surface; your ironing board or a table and cover the area of the coat with a sheet or cloth. Use some steam for best results, but do not place the iron or steamer directly on the wool.

Enjoy your spring and summer, give those coats some TLC and they will be good as new next season.