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Our Production Manager

OPERATIONS • PRODUCTION • SPOTTING Aubrey does it all!If you were to come to the Oakwood Cleaners plant in Hermitage, on ...
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Say hi to Lizeth! She has been part of the Oakwood family for almost 9 years, during which time she ...
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Life at Oakwood Cleaners – Post 1

Have you been to Oakwood Cleaners lately? Rachel Lunsford our Customer Service Manager has been with the Oakwood Cleaners family for one ...
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As a member of LCI (Leading Cleaners Internationale), Oakwood Cleaners was chosen to host the semi-annual couture dry cleaning conference ...
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How to help your leather garments last a lifetime.

A leather or suede garment can enhance any wardrobe. These wardrobe additions can be costly, but with the right care ...
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Attack of the Clothes Moth!

Clothes moths do not attack your favorite garments just because they want to. Some facts about the “clothes moth”. Scientific ...
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Love Your Dress!

Your wedding is over, you are back from a fabulous honeymoon and you wonder – what do I do with ...
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Avoid These Household Pet Poisons

I received a newsletter from McAlister & Young – It included these wonderful tips for your loving pets. A home ...
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Some tips for your wedding gown fitting

You have your date, you have your dress and now it needs some alterations! Here are some important tips to ...
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My Wedding Dress Saga… (part two) marking it in for restoring and preservation

When we receive a dress we always take pictures of the stains and imperfections that might happen during your wedding ...
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