A lot of thought and money goes into your wardrobe
and you want to make sure it is well taken care of. We take care of our bodies,
making sure they are clean, well moisturized and even massaged. Well, Oakwood
Cleaners can do the same for your garments! We are the only dry cleaner in
Nashville and the surrounding counties certified to use the GreenEarth®
dry cleaning process.  Unlike the  petrochemical solvents most dry cleaners use for cleaning, ours is a pure silicone
solution.  Silicone is basically  liquefied sand.  In the environment it
simply reverts back into silica (a fancy word for sand) and trace amounts of
water and CO2.  Even more  wonderful is how GreenEarth treats clothes like a mineral bath.  Everything comes out soft and rejuvenated,
looking and feeling like new again – like it went to a “SPA”. And it’s gentle; it won’t fade colors or wear
fibers; it’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic and 100% odor-free.  It is so well suited for the fine garments we
specialize in.  And for our laundry  services (wet cleaning), we use a natural, enzyme-based detergent that results
in clean, fresh, bright garments. I could go on forever, but you can read more
at our website www.oakwoodcleaners.com. or better yet, watch this video!

Green Earth Cleaning Video

We are also Nashville’s only certified Couture Dry Cleaners.
Skilled craftsman with years of
experience who give meticulous attention and personalized attention every step
of the way staff our couture service.  Delicate silks, lace, sequins,
beads, metal and metallic threads, hand painted fabrics and even items labeled
“Do not dry clean” are safe with us.  Knits are blocked and pills removed
with each cleaning.  Every item is inspected down to the smallest detail
and broken or missing buttons, loose threads and hems are taken care of.
We also offer specialty services like shoe repair, purse cleaning and
re-knitting.  Sorry to keeping going on and on but the fine art of garment  cleaning is our passion.





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