Your Memories Preserved

I so enjoyed my interview with Geny's Flower & Bridal about our Wedding Gown Preservation process. Here it is: … [Read more...]

Are you ready for Fall?

Fall and cooler temps are arriving sooner than you think. Here is some advice on getting your closest ready for the new season. Take some quality time with your clothes and accessories. Open your closest, be honest with yourself and before you go shopping follow the steps below to make room for your fall wardrobe purchases. Preparing your closest for the new season Label six bags as follow: Toss, Donate, Consign, Store, Repair and Clean Toss anything with holes that … [Read more...]

Dry Clean Your Bed Linens?

French Laundry for your bed linens. There is nothing like the feeling of clean, crisp, ironed bed linens! Now - you can try to press your own sheets, but that could take you some time. And, by the time you get to the other side the side you started on is wrinkled again. I suggest you find a dry cleaner that offers "French Laundry". Make sure you find a dry cleaner in your area that uses a non-toxic cleaning process. You definately do not want to have harsh chemicals close to your … [Read more...]


The weather is getting cooler and that means sweater season! YES, get out those warm, cuddly, sweaters. Oh my, you forgot to clean them so they would be ready? If you are like me handwashing is not what you want to be doing with your spare time. Not only that, where in the world do you have space to let them dry--FLAT! Oakwood Cleaners can help you out. Bring us your favorite sweaters and in no time have them back as good as new. Our GreenEarth process is gentle, non toxic and … [Read more...]