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Attack of the Clothes Moth!

Clothes moths do not attack your favorite garments just because they want to. They are attracted to left over particles of protein-laced food residue that get imbedded in the fibers. Most damage can be found around “spill” or “splash” zones including the chest and stomach areas, lap, sleeves and cuffs. Perspiration residue under the arms attract moths as well. When our little winged pests find those areas they not only eat at the goodies, they make a comfy little nest to lay … [Read more...]

2nd Year for Green Cleaners Council!

  Oakwood Cleaners is so proud to have become a bona fide member of the Green Cleaners Council for the SECOND YEAR!!  As stated in an e-mail to us: "Your continued eco-efforts are to be commended, and your GCC membership lets your customers know that you care and are committed to environmental sustainability in all areas of your business."   … [Read more...]