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Raw Eggs and Halloween

Every dry cleaner has their favorite Halloween challenge or horror story. Unfortunately, it's a night when at least one customer coming home from work is going to 'get hit' with raw eggs, shaving cream or some variation of a trick -or -treater's juvenile idea of funny. For me, my first Halloween in the business brought a deluge of customers who had been the victim of World Series caliber pitching of raw eggs!  There were trench coats, pants, leather jackets, hats... a whole array of … [Read more...]

Love Your Dress!

Your wedding is over, you are back from a fabulous honeymoon and you wonder - what do I do with my dress now? YOU LOVE IT! Now that the stress and all the hustle and bustle is over, have some fun! Find your favorite photographer, go to the park, the lake or maybe take a train ride. Visit downtown, but do it in your dress! Don't worry about about keeping it too clean, well within reason, just have fun. You've invested a lot in your dress and before you get it cleaned and preserved for … [Read more...]